The Same Old Black & White 2.0

Anonymous asked: WTF is this music you post? Seriously. Industrial goth shit is a joke.

First off, woah hoh I actually got an ask.  

   Secondly, let me tell you a thing, generic looking grey circle, you don’t have to follow nor look at my blog.  How about you let people listen to what they want and if you don’t like it don’t listen to it?  That’s a novel idea.  I don’t understand what you get by anon hating on people, but to each their own I guess?   I like the music I choose to listen to and last time I checked the “industrial goth shit” scene, as you so kindly put it, is a pretty thriving and a very welcoming, non-judgemental one at that.  Hate on it all you want, but in the end, I like the music and the people and your anon hate makes no difference to me.  If anything maybe you should listen to some VNV or Apop and re-evaluate some aspects of your life.  Being hateful isn’t going to get you anywhere.

   But, I guess you’re a pretty cool dude with impeccable music taste that really told me what for I tell you h’what.


(Also, asking on anon, come on.  Seriously.  Don’t be that person.)


—All Pain Is Gone

Stuck in a hole, enslaved by emptiness
Fist clenched tight, though I’m not alone
They’re always here, controlling my thoughts
Every sense, every sound, every image, abstract
They’re all around, watching me die
Free will, obsolete, intention unknown
This is the day, the day I’ll try
'Cause this is the day, the day I die

This is the day, the day I die
All pain undone, all pain is gone

(Source: causticgrip)